Powering Up the AMAYA

Powering Up for the First Time

After you have correctly connected your machine(s) and installed AMAYA OS, you are now ready to power up your machine(s) for the first time.  

Whether you have connected a single machine or multiple machines, complete the following procedure to configure your machine(s).

  1. Make sure all of your machines are turned off.

  2. Open AMAYA OS.

  3. Select Tools->Options, then click the Ethernet tab. You will need to do two things in this tab.  First, make sure the Ethernet adapter/card that is connected to your machine(s) is selected (left-click to select). Then turn on Force Download (left-click in checkbox). Click [OK].


    Important:  For power fail recovery to function correctly, Force Download will need to be turned off after the initial start-up has been completed successfully.

  1. Making sure that the e-stop is disengaged, then power on the machine with the power switch in back.

  2. The machine will initialize and display on screen.


    Note:  For the daily powering up of machines and AMAYA OS, it is recommended that you start AMAYA OS, then turn on your machine(s).

Power Up Behavior

When powered up, the AMAYA will always attempt to return to the state it was in when it was powered down.  This means that if the machine was in the middle of sewing a design when powered down, it will continue sewing the design when powered up.

There are a few exceptions that will cause the machine to behave differently when powered up.

Recovering from Loss of Power

The power up behavior of the AMAYA makes it more likely that it will be able to recover from a sudden power loss. If you are in the middle of sewing a design, and the machine loses power for any reason, when you power up the machine, it should be able to return to where it was in the design (unless any of the exceptions listed above occur).

This automatic power fail recovery can occur with or without AMAYA OS running.  If AMAYA OS is running when the machine is powered up, it will be restored to its pre-power loss state.  If Force Rack Home on Initial Start-up on the Machine Settings tab is turned on (the default) the machine will go through the start-up sequence (initiated when the Start button is pressed) before returning to the pre-power loss sewing position. (The start-up sequence consists of a trim immediate and a hoop center). When this parameter is turned off, the machine will immediately start sewing at the hoop location without going through the start-up sequence. Important: When this setting is turned off, moving the hoop while power is off can result in loss of registration when power is restored.