Boring Instructions

Installing boring Needle(s):

To install the boring needle(s), simply remove the regular needle(s) from the machine and install the boring needle(s). Make sure that the boring needles are installed correctly (so that they will be centered in the needle plate during operation).

Complete the following steps to set up AMAYA OS for boring:

  1. Open the Settings menu, then click the Color Sequence tab.

  2. In the thread cone display, right-click the thread cone that represents the boring needle (e.g., if the boring needle is Needle #7, right-click thread cone 7).

  3. The Color Properties dialog will open.

  4. To set the needle as a boring needle, check the Bore Needle check box.

  5. Click OK to return to the Color Sequence tab.

  6. Note that the boring needle is now indicated by a B in the thread cone display.

  7. Repeat steps 2-5 for any other boring needles.

  8. When the boring needles are set up, load the design you wish to sew.

  9. Before sewing, make sure the color sequence is set so that the boring needles are used with the correct colors.

Note: It is recommended that you clean the rotary hook after every boring operation