Color Properties

The three tabs for changing color properties are the Select Tab, Options Tab and Graphic Background Tab.

Color Chart: The Select Tab lets you choose colors from three different color charts included with EDS IV. The three different color charts to choose from are System RGB Colors, ARC Poly Embroidery Thread, and ARC Rayon Embroidery Thread. To select the different charts, click on the down arrow and make your selection. If you have other color charts already installed on your computer (color charts have a file extension of .tch), you may copy these files through Windows Explorer and paste them into the EDS IV\Color Data Directory. These files can now be viewed directly in EDS IV via the Color Chart list box.

Color: Once you are in the color properties dialog, you can change all of the colors in your design. The box next to Color: displays the number of the color on the palette that you are currently changing. You can use the up and down arrows to move to the desired color on the palette. This is very useful. It allows all of the colors to be changed at one time instead of having to double click on each one to change them. The current color displays in the color box below. The name of the currently applied color and it's graphical representation display on the top half of the box. If you choose another color it will display on the bottom of the color box (until applied, then it is the current choice on top). In the Property page above shows "640 ARC Rayon" as the applied (current color) and "345 ARC Poly" as the new color (recent color that has been clicked on). If the user clicks on "Apply" "345 ARC Poly will be the current color and displayed on top. When you choose a different Color Chart than the current one, the Color Selection will automatically scroll to the closest match color (this is determined by the RGB value of the color). This closest match color will display on the bottom. You can choose to apply it or scroll through the Color Selection to another color.

Color Selection: On the right side of the color properties dialog you can choose from a list of colors. The system RGB colors are like that of other color property dialogues in graphics programs and works the same.

The ARC Poly and ARC Rayon embroidery thread menus display the colors of embroidery threads that are available. This is very useful if you would like to match your colors in EDS IV with the actual thread colors. The color code numbers are listed below the color. Click to the right of the color list bar to get close to the desired color, then use the scroll bar to move through the zoomed version to get the exact color.

Find Color Code: This is very useful to use if you have the code from the spool of thread and you would like to apply the exact color to your design. Simply enter the code and once it is highlighted in the zoomed version of the color list (it will have a blue box around it), click on the color in the color list. For most color charts, you can also do a find (search) by name of thread.

Match Chart: If you would like to apply a different color thread chart than the current one, you can select a different color chart, click on match chart and all of the colors in your color palette will be updated to the new color chart.

Match Chart is a great tool to match the color palette colors to your "Custom Color Chart".

Order Thread: If you are connected to the internet, this link will take you directly to where you can order threads online. The link goes directly to the store. Once you are in the online store look to the left of the screen where you will find a link to the section for ordering thread. For information on getting connected to the internet click here.

Replacement Box: The top half of the color box (on the left of the color property dialog) displays what color is currently applied to the particular color in the color palette. The bottom half displays the new selection.

Save As Custom: using "Save As Custom", you can create custom color charts and custom color palettes.

Custom Color Chart: You may want to put together a Custom Color (thread) Chart that contain certain thread colors. Custom Color Charts may consist of thread colors from multiple Color Charts (i.e. colors from both ARC Poly and ARC Rayon).

Great way for an embroiderer to save a color chart consisting of the threads they personally have on hand (in stock).

To save a Custom Color Chart, right click on the color palette, then click on the "select tab".

Custom Color Palette: You may want to put together Custom Color Palettes. For example an embroiderer may have different custom color palettes that they use for particular designs. When saving a Custom Color Palette you can just right click on the color palette, select "Load Custom Palette", choose your desired palette, and click OK.

To save a Custom Color Palette, follow the same steps as you would for saving a Custom Color Chart (described above), with the exception of step number 8. In step 8, make sure that Palette (not Color Chart) has a black circle in the button to the left of it.

Save As Default: Any time that you change a setting or settings and click the Save As Default button your changes will be saved. Even if you exit out of EDS IV and get back in again, your default settings will be saved.

The Options Tab gives you several options to change that directly effect Color Properties.

Color Wrap: This is where you can select how many colors you would like to have in a color wrap. The way that a color wrap works, is that for example you have two colors in a wrap. As you are digitizing you insert a color change, this will bring you to the second color. When you insert another color change you will be back at the first color. In other words you will go through the colors to the last one and then wrap around to the beginning color. This option also has a "Save As Default" button.

Left Button Click: The default setting for this is to have the left mouse button click over a color toggle you through hide/show of colors. You can change this to "Displays color selection," which will bring you directly into the color properties.

Select Settings: When you are in the color properties and you are selecting the colors for your color palette, you can select the desired color for number 1, click "Apply", select the desired color for number 2, click "Apply", and so on.

Window Settings: If you do not want to have the background color button shown on the color palette, click in the box next to "Show background color button". This will remove the check mark from the box which signals that the button is hidden. The same applies to the walk through color button "Walk Through Colors" .

Graphic Background:  The purpose of graphic background is to provide a view of the embroidery design against a graphic of fabric.  

To display a fabric on your screen, right click on any existing color box in the Palette tool bar.  Select "Properties".  The Color Properties Dialog box is displayed.  Click on the "Graphic Background" Tab .  You can now select a fabric file that will be displayed into the background of the View Window.  To display a fabric, click on the "Browse" button.  Navigate to the C: Program Files directory/Melco Embroidery Systems/EDSIV/Fabrics.  Select a fabric from the list and click on "Open".

Click on "Apply" to immediately see the fabric on your screen.

Any time that you are in a property page, you can click "Apply" after making a change and it will immediately apply your change. The advantage of using "Apply" verses clicking "OK" after a change is that you can apply your changes and still move on to making other changes. Once you click on "OK", your changes will be applied and the property dialogues will close and you will be back at the View Window. You can also click "Cancel" and the property dialogues will close without implementing the last change.